Friday, October 7, 2011

God's Work of Art

Homeschooling is stressful! We mom's have frustrating days, impatient days, tired days, don't-wanna-work days all intertwined with our wonderful, good, amazing days. It can be so, so hard to push through these days with our negative mental states rubbing off on our children.

So, what helps me when I get in this funk? Prayer is the obvious choice, but the following story shared by Carol Barnier helps me remember how God views my kids.


An artist was once asked what the hardest part of his job is. He replied, "Hearing criticism of my work before it is completed".

One day a young mom was so frustrated with her child. The child was disobedient and argumentative. The child was taking extra long completing every task, leading to more frustration and impatience for mom. After many hours of stress building, the young mom lost her cool and lashed out at her little one.

That's when she heard the voice God whisper sadly in her ear, "Mom, please don't criticize. I'm not finished with her yet."


The first time I heard this story, I was left with tears in my eyes. How many times had I lost my cool with my own little ones? How many times have I forgotten to look at them through our Heavenly Father's eyes?

Remember, Mom, no matter how trying this journey of homeschooling or even motherhood is, your child is a wonderful work of art. One that God is still molding and perfecting.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why! Hello, Mr. Firefighter!

Field trips are always great fun for my kids. It gets them out of the house when they are supposed to be in school, and they love the temporary change in routine. (Of course I believe routine is important, so field trips are a rare treat in our house.)

Our tour began with none other than the fire engines! The kids loved getting to go through the big engine and sitting in the same seats the guys did. One of the smaller engines held extra hoses for use on larger calls. We also were able to go through the HazMat truck.

One of the most interesting aspects of the tour for the kids was getting to see one of the firemen put on all of their gear. He explained that they are expected to get on 30+ pounds of gear on in less than 60 seconds! I think I could give them a run for their money some mornings with that time! Once onsite, they pile on another 40 or so pounds of gear for a total of 70+ pounds of gear! Wow!

As a mom, the most important element to the whole presentation occured after he got into his gear. He crawled toward each child, so they could see that a firefighter in gear is not a scary monster but a real person under all that stuff. Princess and Warrior were both a little apprehensive at first, but I think it was so beneficial for them to see a fully geared person down on their level.

One special aspect to our tour was that we were able to see the crew's bunks. Since they are an all-male unit (only one female has ever applied and ended up turning down a job), females are not usually allowed in this area.

Last but certainly not least, we were all reminded of how important it is to have functioning smoke/fire detectors in your home and to have a plan in place in the event of a home fire. If you have yet to do this with your family, I urge you to put together a plan and PRACTICE it immediately! Nothing is worth putting off that could safe the life of one of your precious babies!