Saturday, June 23, 2012

Drive Through History

I have blogged before about how much I love my history curriculum, Tapestry of Grace. I wanted to talk today about another history product that I've grown to love and use on those weeks where I'm just exhausted or need some extra time with my two younger children.

Now as I've mentioned before, I did not grow up with a love of learning history. It was never a strong suit for me; however, Drive Thru History has brought a depth of knowledge that I've never before had in this humorous and entertaining fashion. Like ToG, it weaves Biblical history seamlessly with secular world history. It brings both history and the Bible alive!

I highly recommend Drive Thru History to all students, but especially those who find history uninteresting or struggle with understanding it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Life without TV

It's not what you think. Really! We do have a TV, but a couple of weeks ago, someone hit the telephone pole down the street from us, caused a power surge, and blew out our new 40+" flatscreen TV, blu-ray player, and Wii! :-( I confess, it has been really hard for us to cope, and I didn't think I relied to the TV that much. *sigh*

So, anyway. We got our creative juices flowing and rediscovered some things from my own childhood along with revisiting some activities we had push aside in favor of television viewing and playing Wii.

1. Reading! With the summer reading program starting, it's typically for all of us to revisit our passion for reading. This year, my kids have realy dived in. Warrior has hit nearly 5 hours of reading in his first week, and Princess has already polished off 12 books (nearly all chapter books)!

2. Gardening! I honestly have the brownest thumb on the planet. I constantly joke that I can killed a fake plant. However, this year I decided to be daring and plant a little something (not to mention it was a great little project to wrap up our study of botany this year *wink* ). I planted pumpkins in my little space along the house and decided that I didn't really care if they grew or not. Either way it would be a learning experience. Well, they grew, and now the kids and I are excitedly watching them each day to see how much they've grown overnight. I can't wait until fall when hopefully we'll be picking our very own pumpkins!

3. Baking & decorating cakes! I did this all the time when Princess was little and really got into it when I was pregnant with Warrior; however since the arrival of Baby Boy, I've really let this hobby go. One the 1st of June, my sweet little boy turn one, and I mustered up the energy and courage to do a pull-apart cupcake cake! It's not my best, but it was my first buttercream transfer attempt.

4. Making tents! My sister and I did this quite often, and I was so excited to pass this little bit of fun down to my kids.

So, when you are without a TV or other usual entertainment, how do you fill your typical relaxation time?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer School

So, if you are a homeschooler, you know that learning never truly ends even when the calendar says "school's out". Learning does, however, tend to look much different than your Aug-May schedule.

Our summer this year is consisting of more learning activities than ever before!

Summer storytime is a carry-over from every summer I've experienced as a parent. Reading is so, so important to our family, and the summer gives my kids a break from the textbooks and dive solely in to enjoyment reading! Princess, who loves to read, anxiously awaits each summer when her sole responsibility is read as much as you want. Warrior, on the other hand, lives for the prizes that are handed out each week. LOL! Baby Boy will have his first storytime experience this year, and I'm hoping we have another book lover on our hands!

Princess will once again be attending VBS at our home church, although this year, it's a shortened week due to a jam packed church summer calendar. She's already talked about which friends she wants to bring, so they can learn about Jesus, too! Warrior has to wait one more summer for this one. I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for the community VBS program that welcomes kids as young as 3 that the two older kids attended last year. I know Warrior had a blast that week!

Two new things that have hit the summer schedule are church camp and cooking classes for Princess. Church camp is overnight, and I confess that I'm a tad nervous. Fortunately, Grandma will be a cabin mom for Princess's cabin, so I know everything will be fine. Cooking classes will be interesting as she will truly have a new teacher without a family member anywhere near! Plus she'll be in class with kids up to 4 years old than she.

Finally, I'm planning wrap up the summer with the Olympics! The kids will be allowed to stay up and watch them with me along with putting together a lapbook on all things 2012 Olympic Games. Neither have really experienced the Olympic Games even on TV. Princess is excited about seeing the gymnasts and cheering on the U.S.A. while Warrior is excited about doing "big kid school".

This seems like such a hectic schedule when all typed out, but I'm greatly looking forward to it. I like keeping to a schedule to a point, but I always love the changing up of things that summer always brings!

So, what are your summer plans?