Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Absence from Blogging

As you probably noticed, I've been gone a few weeks. One of my personal goals for this year has been to keep up with my writing, so these last few weeks have been kind of difficult for me knowing that I'm not meeting that goal, even if for a VERY good reason...


Since our pumpkin patch trip, we have kept ourselves busy. School has honestly been hit and miss, but we've kept up with what we can and even managed to get in a few art projects here and there. First up was silly skeletons. Then we did a brief lesson on pointillism, and what a better project for fall than pumpkins!

We are a homeschool family that does celebrate Halloween, so in keeping with our usual tradition, we carved a pumpkin. The kids decided on a simple design for this year's jack-o-lantern. We also did some trick-or-treating as Catwoman, Batman, and Robin!

Since Halloween, we took a step back in waiting for Baby Girl's arrival. Mommy was tired, and the rest of the family was excited. All of us were having our patience tested, though, as baby girl decided to arrival a whole 2 weeks late! She has absolutely been worth the wait, though, and even Baby Boy has taken to her!

Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We were all thankful for the newest member of our family and for our health. In the couple of weeks that have followed, we have learned just how thankful for our health we are, as we ALL decided to catch a nasty head cold. Even Baby Girl has decided to get in on the fun.

Well, that's the update from the last few weeks. I hope this finds you all happy and above all healthy as we head into the Christmas season! Come back next week for a new entry and continued writing from yours truly!