Monday, June 14, 2010

The Super Mom Lie

When many people hear that I homeschool, a vision of who I just have to be pops into their minds.

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Let me set the record straight......I am so not a super mom, and I don't personally know any homeschool mom who thinks she is. We are simply working moms.

I have a full-time job of educator. Then I still have to cook, clean, care for kids, shuttle my eldest to activities and outside of school lessons, etc.

Many people look at me like I'm crazy when they hear my response that I'm just a mom like any other. I see myself as a teacher, much like what you would see in a classroom setting. In some ways my situation is easier, not harder. I have a much looser dress code (PJ day, anyone?) and a much more flexible schedule. I love that I can relax in the hammock while I grade papers on a sunny afternoon and that literature class can be done cuddled under a blanket with hot chocolate. I love that PE can consist of an afternoon in the pool or playing a game of freeze tag with my kids. Field trips mean visits to see grandparents at work. Science is growing a flower garden or sitting under the stars on our trampoline.

In other ways, it's more difficult. I am solely responsible for researching and selecting curriculum for all subjects. If one of my students fail, I can't blame the system, or the parents, or the curriculum. Every burden of managing a school and teaching in a classroom is on me. There are no committees here.

My husband has little input (by his choice) on curriculum choices, lessons, field trips, etc. He tells me I am the one with the teaching degree and am trained to handle this. Of course, I still ask his opinion when I hit a snag.

There is also the issue of a good support system, especially for the full-time homeschooling parent. Society doesn't look too kindly at homeschoolers. Sure we are smart, but we're also often viewed as not quite right in the head. Friends and family members often don't understand the choice to homeschool, especially if they themselves were neither homeschooled or a homeschooling parents. Others take it as a full on criticism of their parenting choices.

Now, before you go thinking that I'm 100% alone in this, my husband is a great support system! He is always encouraging, quick to help out with any homework that doesn't get completed during school, will step up and teach an occasional lesson (if he's really comfortable with the material), and of course always there to give high fives and encourage the kids on a job well done!

Homeschooling can be hard, but it far from qualifies me as a Super Mom. I'm just a working mom with a much more casual wardrobe.

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  1. This is so true! My husband is just like that, too. I appreciate your honest comments. More mamas need to hear that. I like your schoolroom too. It looks very similar to ours.