Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Discover the Dinosaurs

This past weekend we had a great trip with my parents to a "Discover the Dinosaurs" exhibit! Although we aren't studying dinosaurs at this moment (land dinosaurs won't happen until next year), I still thought it would be a great educational field trip.

Big Girl had a blast the whole day! She really hammed it up for photos, especially with the meat eaters posing "mid-scream" as if they were about to attack. She had us all cracking up with her antics.

Big Boy started off the most excited about the day, but once he saw how big the dinosaurs were, he wasn't so sure. At one point, when an allosaurus started moving, he ran and hid behind grandma. Poor guy! (I realize the pic below is actually a tyrannosaurus rex. My allosaurus pic didn't come out very well. I figure they're related, so it sufficiently illustrates the scary factor.)

Baby Boy was timid but not in the same fearful way as big brother. He loved looking at all the movement and even the big dinosaurs but did get a little worried the few times we turned his back to them for pictures.

All three kids really enjoyed the dinosaur dig areas and the "Dino-theatre" presentation. They were all excited to see Dr. Scott the paleontologist from one of their favorite shows, Dinosaur Train!

All in all it was a great day and a great break in routine from the normal school week!

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