Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Planning for 2012-2013

I'm starting to look forward to school. We have a few changes coming to our family during this school year, one in particular that will greatly effect our schooling.


Yes, I will now be both a homeschooling parent and a classroom teacher. Our church school has been feeling very overwhelmed as of late with the sciences, and I just happen to love science! They called me a couple of years ago about teaching, and I just couldn't with where I was in life. Now, I feel like I can take it on in addition to all my usual responsibilities.

I'll be using the same curriculum with those students as I do with my own kids. We will be studying flying creatures in the Apologia Exploring Creation series.

Princess will sit in on my class, so that I'm not double teaching the information. However, since I will be teaching 1st grade, she will have different assignments from the class.

3rd Grade
Math - Saxon Math 3
Science - Flying Creature of the Fifth Day
Social Studies - Tapestry of Grace
Language Arts - Tapestry of Grace
Art - Tapestry of Grace
Bible - Tapestry of Grace
Piano - Alfred's Little Mozarts 4, Alfred's Premier Course 1
P.E. - YMCA Dance

Phonics - Saxon Phonics K
Math - Saxon Math K
Piano - Alfred's Little Mozarts 1
P.E. - YMCA Dance

Haha! Not a clue as to how I'm going to entertain this one while I'm working with the older two. I do know I want to set up a little play area for him in the classroom, but beyond that....HELP! I think I'll be spending some extra time on Pinterest. *wink*

I'm starting to get excited for school and am itching to get my hands on my new books! I still have quite a bit of work to do as I wait for everything to come in, mainly get our classroom rearranged and back together!

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