Monday, August 19, 2013

Student (Non)Photo Hop

It's week 2 of iHomeschool Network's NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop ... student photo week! I'm going to rebel a little bit, as I try not to show the kids' faces here; however, you will still have the opportunity to read all about them, though!

Big Girl is 8 years old and starting 4th grade this year! She is a hard worker in school and around the house but plays just as hard. She loves all things artsy and has determined she'd either like to be a fashion designer and attend NYU or be a nanny in Hollywood. Either way, it looks like my baby is headed for the coast!

Big Boy is 5 years old and starting 1st grade. He is my dramatic one and has so much energy that we jokingly called him Stitch for the longest time! He looks up to his sister and wants to do everything she is doing at the moment. He changes every week what he wants to be when he grows up - a storm chaser, a cake decorator, his sister's fashion design assistant, a spy, etc. The only answer that seems to be consistent is that he wants to be like Daddy!

Baby Boy is my big bundle of energy at 2 years old! He is so hard to keep up, and when paired with his brother, you had better watch out! He is all boy and I think gets more bumps and bruises in a week than his siblings have combined in a year. He's already teaching his siblings that "little eyes are watching" as he repeats anything and everything they say! Above all, he has the biggest heart to help others. If he even hears my husband or I doing any kind of work, he drops everything he's doing and rushes in declaring "me help!"

Want to read more or even jump in on the fun? Check out iHomeschool Network's Student Photo Week by clicking on the photo below!

What about your cast of characters? Let's hear all about them!

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