Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Teacher Planner

My creative outlet tends to flow best when I'm making lists and plans. I'm not always best about following through with those plans. After years of buying teaching planners and having them not quite work out for my personality, (I'm a little OCD at times.) so this year I put my own together. I've actually used all the sections in it, so I'd say it was a success!

This year I went a little crazy with the whole Mickey Mouse theme, as evidenced my the above photo and our classroom! I found the graphics over on Granny Enchanted under free kits, and the Disney font was found on a quick Google search. 

Now, onto the planner itself!

I started off with a basic information page, which records contact information, a family photo, and my children's ages. I also added a section for our family memories. Here I record our favorite read aloud, restaurant, movie, family activities, and board game. I also have lines for travels, new studies, and anything God did in our family.

Each student has an information page as well. These pages include a space for a photo, name, age, grade, goals for the year, curriculum information, and general notes.

Behind each info page is a schedule. My teacher schedule is pretty much a combo of my schedule and each of the kids' schedules.

The next section includes a semester overview, calendars and planning pages. The semester overview has spaces for goals along with field trip and project ideas.

I have a full page calendar for each month where I record any appointments, birthdays, community events, homeschool group events, and general stuff that happens outside of our usual schedule.

My planning pages each have 4 lines for each subject Monday - Friday. Along the right hand side is a place for notes and weekend plans.

Our attendance chart can be seen here hanging in our classroom. Each day we have school, the kids get to put a sticker on the date. At the end of each month, I count up all the stickers. Then it goes in my planner at the end of each semester.

Finally, I have a semester wrap up. Here is where I record any notes about the students performance, attendance, etc. all on one page. :)

Overall I have really liked the layout, but I have found a few tweaks I plan to make for next year. For one thing, after I put this together, I found the planning pages in my Tapestry of Grace software. (Yeah, I'm a bit slow.) I'll probably use those instead of trying to change all the dates on the pages above. I also have a few ideas for condensing down some of the above pages in order to save a bit of paper. Lastly, I'd like to spiral bound the whole thing instead of using the binder I did this year. It was just way to accidentally tear pages out.

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