Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back-to-Homeschool Day 5: Classroom Tour

Oh boy! Did time get away from me or what? I'm so sorry at the lateness of this post, but sometimes life happens and must be lived. Am I right?

Onto our tour!

Our class room is setup pretty much the same as last year, so be sure to check out my 2013-2014 classroom tour post. This year I'm going to show you the  changes I made to the setup.

The first & most obvious change was the addition of Baby Boy's desk. He picked this out and paid for it himself using a gift card he received as a Christmas gift. He was so excited to get it in and help me put it all together!

The other change I made removing the color discipline chart. It just wasn't working out, and I couldn't figure out why until I read this post by Teaching in Progress. It made total sense, especially in dealing with Big Boy's behavior issues. He was so defeated by the end of the day that he wasn't on "blue" that he just wanted to give up. This year I'm trying to take a different approach that I've had a bit of luck with using the concept of "stealing school time". I'll do a post on that later to explain my full approach, but I will say it has seemed to work so much better than the old color system. In it's place, I'm working on getting another large world map to use with our zoology studies.

Those were really the two only changes I made. I'll occasionally bring in Baby Girl's bouncer if she's awake. Most of the time she naps on her activity mat in the other room (but still in clear sight). I'm also trying to do a better job of utilizing the room just off the classroom as a preschool playroom for Baby Boy when he is finished with his work. This both keeps him busy AND in sight!

Well, off to get myself some lunch before the two little ones wake up from their naps!

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