Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back-to-Homeschool Day 4: Teacher & Student Planners

Last year was my first year putting together my own teacher planner (see it here) after years of buying planners that didn't quite fit my needs. This year Big Girl and Big Boy wanted there own planners, so while I put together mine, I did one for each of them.

Teacher Planner
- Contact Info & Family Memories
- Student Information - Name, Age, Grade, Goals for the Year, Curriculum Information

- 2014-2015 Year at a Glance
- Semester Goals & Notes
- Monthly Calendars
- Daily Schedule - I put one of these behind each month since my husband's schedule changes so frequently.

- Weekly Planning Pages

- Student Grade Report
- Semester Student Notes
- 2015-2016 Year at a Glance
- Notes for Next Year

Student Planner
- Contact Info & Yearly Goals

- 2014-2015 Year at a Glance
- Books I've Read

- Monthly Calendars
- Daily Schedule - behind each calendar
- Weekly Assignment Sheet

- Semester Review
- 2015-2016 Year at a Glance
- Notes for Next Year

The biggest change between last year and this year's planners is the planning pages. There were times when I felt I needed more room, and we are moving to a block schedule (see my post on scheduling for more details). I hope the new design helps with these two items.

What do you use for planning - store bought, homemade, or electronic planner? Do your kids have a their own setup, or do they rely on you for daily instructions?

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